a perfect stranger

These are perfect strangers I met on Sunday. Each of them shared a moment and a story with me. I can’t quite exactly explain what made me pick them from the crowd but I instinctively felt something unique going on.

Meet the crazy pavement artist, the lovely man with crazy sunglasses and a traveler from Kansas with a German origin.

I’ll let you match the descriptions yourself.


Rosa and Rita

I met Rosa and Rita in the doughnut store queue.

Rosa and Rita live together. I asked Rosa for a signature and she realised she couldn’t remember Rita’s name.

“Well well, we live together and have known each other for ages and you can’t even remember my name? You must be joking!”

“But I am only a grandma”

These two beautiful ladies made my heart melt, but most importantly taught me a great great lesson.

summer in britain

summer came to London, and it makes me sweat. Everybody has jumped out of their clothes and they now wear hardly anything, white limbs observing the world for the first time this year. Ridiculous amounts of half naked people have stormed to the parks and covered the grass with their half naked bodiesI’m lying there too, wearing my sunglasses and unfortunate jeans, looking at the summery vibes through my funky lens, this is London I’ve never seen, London everybody speaks about. I like this one quite a bit.

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colours of Hackney

            When I first arrived 20 years ago I lived on Broadway Market and it had one fruit and veg barrow and one very nice pub. The rest of it was run-down; it was a proper working class street in Hackney. Stoke Newington Church Street has today become the model for what Jules Pipe – who’s the mayor – wants for Hackney. But Hackney isn’t like that. Most working class people on a budget wouldn’t be able to shop for food on Church Street because it’s artisan bakers and incredibly expensive fruit and veg shops.

It’s not about money. I don’t begrudge anybody as long as they’ve gone out and earned it. What I don’t like is the pretense and the assumption that someway or another Hackney needs to be grateful for all these up-and-coming industries. What’s wrong with a proper working class area having proper working class jobs?
The thing that Hackney people find frustrating is that they read about things in the newspaper and see stuff on the telly and they think ‘That’s not where we live.’ Though it may be geographically, it’s not their world, it’s not their environment.
I’ve been drinking in the Dove pub for years; it was on Broadway Market when I first lived there. You could say I kept it alive through its lean years. I still drink there very occasionally – I just avoid the strawberry Belgian beers.

– Grant Kingsnorth


Hackney bursts with colours. Going through the controversial process of being “redefined” as a new cool, it blends confused locals with the masses of hipsters. Witnessing the birth process of new Shoredich leaves me confused and lost.

DSC_4260 (1)
women shopping at Ridley road market in Hackney
DSC_4286 (1)
street feast, a new “model” market in Dalston


old, local houses
DSC_4278 (1)
the “model” food market in Dalston
a “model” market in Dalston
Dalston garden
DSC_4258 (1)
a woman resting in Ridley road market in Hackney