a Monday teahouse

I think I don’t normally take this sort of pictures.

They kind of just happened, unplanned. Sometimes it’s the way it goes.

It’s a Monday teahouse


Rosa and Rita

I met Rosa and Rita in the doughnut store queue.

Rosa and Rita live together. I asked Rosa for a signature and she realised she couldn’t remember Rita’s name.

“Well well, we live together and have known each other for ages and you can’t even remember my name? You must be joking!”

“But I am only a grandma”

These two beautiful ladies made my heart melt, but most importantly taught me a great great lesson.

postcards from the snow planet


One winter morning we all got up to go to work and school, I was maybe, around eight or nine. I remember all the beautiful frost paintings on my windows. All the cars in neighbourhood were making funny noises as they were trying to start. Somebody was helping to push our car so that it moves. Every time I breath out a big white cloud was coming out of my mouth.

Me and P. went to the mountain to hunt for some snow. It’s not easy nowadays. Snow has became an endangered animal you can only watch in the zoos, refrigerators and UAE shopping malls.

Here’s the postcards from the snow planet.

A real snow museum