things that never happened in that exact way


The man in the photo studio¬†told me that my film is long expired and there’s no point in scanning it.

But well, I like photographing on expired film. Mainly because you never know what you’ll get. When you finally see the photographs it’s nothing what you expected, nothing that you could remember – almost like the moment you captured on the photo has never happened. It feels like looking at your memories from a different perspective, something that is new but old at the same time.

A little bit like remembering something that you forgot a long time ago. That’s what I mainly like about the expired film.



an atomic bomb

An atomic bomb was created to juxtapose peaceful, uninhabited landscapes with the violence and brutality of a men. Obsessions with power, conquering the new lands by bombing them, killing their people, average citizens, most of whom lacking any interest in politics and violence. The peace of the original landscapes has been burnt out. Once vast and dreamy, now disturbing, uncomfortable to look at. Although none of the places used in the project have been directly affected by war or terrorism as such, the posed question is, haven’t we all become victims in one way or another?