A postcard from the island



Rosa and Rita

I met Rosa and Rita in the doughnut store queue.

Rosa and Rita live together. I asked Rosa for a signature and she realised she couldn’t remember Rita’s name.

“Well well, we live together and have known each other for ages and you can’t even remember my name? You must be joking!”

“But I am only a grandma”

These two beautiful ladies made my heart melt, but most importantly taught me a great great lesson.

an atomic bomb

An atomic bomb was created to juxtapose peaceful, uninhabited landscapes with the violence and brutality of a men. Obsessions with power, conquering the new lands by bombing them, killing their people, average citizens, most of whom lacking any interest in politics and violence. The peace of the original landscapes has been burnt out. Once vast and dreamy, now disturbing, uncomfortable to look at. Although none of the places used in the project have been directly affected by war or terrorism as such, the posed question is, haven’t we all become victims in one way or another?