film number five, May




Last week I took a part in the photo edition workshops in Warsaw. It was a cool experience and exhausting long hours of making the unjustified and perhaps unjustifiable decisions. A simple photograph can be given hundreds of meanings due to it’s placing.

I think that one of the things which amuse me about the photography is the ability to connect the unrelated events into a story. Maybe story is too big of a word? A sequence, a set. Something happens in one place, something happens in another place, here’s a dead bird, here’s the moon, here’s somebody I know, somebody I don’t know. Unrelated events that become linked together thankfully to a single factor.

That single factor being myself.

Maybe the fact that I spent a meaningful part of my life working in an airplane – which meant being everywhere, constantly thrown from one end of the globe to another, made me feel like I’ve been less and less present and real. In a way it was a life of a ghost – I’d never been anywhere long enough to mark my presence in any more meaningful way, but long enough to observe people and situations. I’d like to think that in some way my presence was a connecting line for all these distant places and situations.

I believe that what I call the “life of a ghost” fed my urge to collect the trophies in the form of photographs. In a way they are the silver proof – I’ve been there and I witness that exact moment. Turning them into something connected and coherent is almost like giving my presence a visual form. Maybe that’s why we say that photography is intimate. Regardless of the content, it always consists of at least the smallest particle of the person who pressed the shutter button.


a horse market

We went to the biggest horse market in Poland without really knowing what to expect. When we arrived it was wet, cold and dark. We spent the night in a car, drifting off and waking up in a cramped, sweaty embrace, somehow very appropriate for the whole situation. Strange smells of animals, weird excitement in the air and the crowds of people in the middle of the cold night, it all built up something new, a strange, powerful energy.

To me the horse market meant a powerful energy, waking up my tired brain and giving no choice, but to participate, a crazy dance of men, horses and alcohol,

what’s better there in the world, than beautiful horses and beautiful women

and vodka, I guess,

and here’s what I saw, but maybe more, what I participated in, feeling like I’m placed in a very middle of a big chaos, something long awaited and wild.

trading to extinction

Due to the lack of education, cultural myth and human greed, we’re loosing the most endangered species on this planet.

In the theme restaurant called “White tiger” in Guangzhou, southern China, you can eat a dinner while looking at the white tigers in a big class terrarium. White tigers are probably the most endangered species of our times and yet, a half of their population lives in the Chinese theme restaurant.

A shocking, eye-opening and extremely beautiful project by Patrick Brown.


empty spaces

Big, vast, dreamy landscapes, I find them so fascinating. Countryside was a big part of growing up, peaceful, quiet.
Concrete New York, London, Dubai, all these places looked so desirable from the quiet spacious land of nothing – long vast spaces, a soft warm pillow for the eyes always looking further.
I’m under the sad impression the land of silence is getting harder and harder to find. Quiet and slowly forgotten, turning into some kind of elusive obsession. Gradually destroyed: we’re all so busy now, pulsating in the veins of our cities, our big towns, making them go quicker and quicker, greyer and greyer.
My fantasy about the landscape becomes a dream. But oh, how beautiful.

The photos are a part of a long term ongoing project.